Who Is Albert Ross.


01 Dec Who Is Albert Ross.

Lately I have been working on a range of personal and client illustration projects and here is a peek at a really fun design I completed for local Perth band, Who is Albert Ross. This design is essentially a base branding element to represent the band and for them to use across multiple mediums, use with different fonts, colours and designs etc.

To go into too much detail about the thought process or meaning of the design would spoil it a little but the band were keen on a fusion of a man, a bird with a marine element tying it all together. That’s all I will say, the rest is for you to interpret!

I had great fun with this and would love to do more creative work for musicians, film makers, fashion labels or anyone who is looking for something a little different. You can check out a few more images of this work in the portfolio here.

Cheers to the Aaron and the rest of the blokes in the band. Check out their Facebook page and maybe swing by a gig, I might see you there!