Graphic Design, Vector Illustration
About This Project

Fabian Coulthard is one of the premier V8 Supercar drivers in Australia currently racing in 2016 for heavyweight Queensland based outfit DJR Team Penske.


Fabian asked us to assist him in creating a hashtag and design that he could use to promote #fabpack – the hashtag he encourages his fans to use in order to connect with him and other like-minded fans. The hashtag is a fun play on the word “wolfpack” which is a great word to describe a group of like-minded people and has a strong link to modern pop-culture. In terms of the design, the wolves are a throwback to the wolfpack wordplay and represents his fan base while the primary colour scheme reflects the fact he is driving for a Ford team and the flags represent where he was born and raised.


The artwork is fully vector based and it was one of those little quick projects that was a lot of fun to produce and could easily be developed further for Fabian for future fan engagement opportunities.