2016 BJR / Freightliner Racing

Website Design & Development
About This Project

Brad Jones Racing are probably our longest standing clients and we’re thrilled to have completed another website overhaul for them for the upcoming 2016 V8 Supercars Championship Season.


As what has been a consistent theme for a number of years now, Brad Jones Racing have two major sponsors, one for each car so their brief requires two websites, one for Freightliner Racing and another for Team BOC. Both websites need to have a similar layout, structure and function to look like a team as a whole, but each individual website requires the branding to represent the principal sponsor and present each teams relevant information such as the car, social networks, news, the driver, results and images.


For the 2016 season we have designed a fully responsive, bold, image focused layout. Other than being a fully responsive website, some other key features include advanced social networking capabilities and a fully revised calendar section for each event across the year.


As always, we enjoyed developing the 2016 Freightliner Racing website and we would like to wish everyone at Brad Jones Racing the best of luck for the season ahead.


Check out the 2016 Freightliner Racing website here.