Filippa Guarna


Filippa Guarna / Driven Productions

Website Design & Development
About This Project

Filippa Guarna is one of Australias leading female motorsport journalists and video editors and she contacted us to create branding and a website for her to promote not only herself but also her production business, Driven Productions.

We assisted Filippa with two logos, a personal logo to represent her individually and we also created an identity for Driven Productions. Both logos came out really well but the Driven Productions logo in particular worked out nicely, the ‘dp’ part of the logo sits within what could be seen as either a film reel or a wheel rim which both directly represent the industry she is in. We also designed this part of the logo so if it is animated, the logo will always read ‘dp’ even if it is spinning which was important given that it represents a video production business and would be used as a moving, animated visual in some instances. Along with the two logos we also put together her website design using her preferred colour scheme of black, red and yellow and included youtube playback ability in her portfolio along with links to her social networks.

It was a pleasure working with Filippa and we’re really pleased with the finished products. We wish her all the best with her work in the future.