V8 Sleuth


V8 Sleuth / Aaron Noonan

Graphic Design, Logo Design
About This Project

The V8 Sleuth, Aaron Noonan contacted us in early 2011 about a new business venture he was working on and as always one of the first things you need with a new business is a logo. The V8 Sleuth is Australia’s foremost expert on V8 Supercar and related motorsport history and if you need information about a certain chassis that has been raced in Australia, he is the man to talk to.

The V8 Sleuth logo needed to combine the “detective” and “expert” ideas with a type of motorsport symbol so we settled on a Sherlock Holmes style hat on a racing helmet as the primary graphical element of the logo. This combined with the bold blue and black colour scheme with the bold type suited the look that the V8 Sleuth wanted and everyone has loved the results.